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    Vitamins for Every Stage of Motherhood

    Fertility, each trimester of pregnancy & motherhood

    Let's #NormalizeTheJourney, Together


    We take the guesswork out.

    Only the Good Stuff

    Gluten Free, Soy-Free & Non-GMO

    No-Nausea Formulation

    Gentle on the stomach.

    Quality Ingredients

    No Colorants or Synthetic Fillers


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    3rd Party Tested

    To ensure quality, purity and potency.

    <p>And Leading OB/GYNs</p>

    Founded by Moms

    And Leading OB/GYNs

    Meet the Perelel Panel, our exclusive founding team featuring the nation’s top doctors, practitioners, and experts in prenatal and women's health .

    "The best prenatal vitamin brands to have on your radar"

    "A new wave of prenatal & postnatal vitamins aims to revamp pregnancy nutrition"

    "Reimagining pre & postnatal vitamins to give women a more holistic, well-rounded experience"

    "Designed to allow you to consume the fewest vitamins possible while still receiving maximum nutrients"

    "Focused on bioavailable ingredients & different dosing for each phase of pregnancy"

    <p>Our Core Prenatal</p>

    Get to Know

    Our Core Prenatal

    The foundation of all our vitamin packs is simply unparalleled.