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We’ve made progress, but we still have our work cut out for us.

100% Recyclable

All of our boxes are made with recycled materials. Plus, both our boxes and shipping materials are 100% recyclable, too.

We are a Carbonfree® Partner

This means we actively reduce our carbon footprint, offset the energy and resources we use, and support carbon offset projects.

As for our daily sachets, we’ve done our best to source our materials responsibly and we’re pushing our packaging partners to develop more sustainable options that are able to safely preserve our products. 

The good news?

If you’ve made the swap from bottled vitamins to Perelel, you’re saving a lot of plastic. 


We use an average of 300% less plastic than our leading bottled competitors.

Here's how it breaks down:

If you were to purchase each of the vitamins in your Perelel Pack individually, you’d be purchasing four plastic bottles per month compared to a single box of Perelel.

With Perelel, you can be proud of making a conscious change.

While there’s a lot of progress to be made with our daily sachets, rest assured that we are searching tirelessly for more eco-friendly options while demanding innovation in our sector.