Recipe: Pia Baroncini's Nourishing Postpartum Pasta Salad

Recipe: Pia Baroncini's Nourishing Postpartum Pasta Salad

In the fourth trimester, it's just as important to nourish your body like you did during pregnancy. Your body is repairing itself after carrying a baby for nine months and healing itself after delivery. So it's the time to continue to add wholesome foods to your week meal prep. And we thought—what's more comforting than pasta, right? 

That's where Pia Baroncini comes in. If you know then you know—Pia's a go-to follow for her holistic wellness tips, authentic Italian recipes (we personally love her series Cooking with the Baroncinis), and refreshingly honest take on #motherhood. So, we thought who better to challenge to make a postpartum dish using the natural ingredients of her Perelel Mom Multi Support Pack?

"My favorite postpartum meal for the fourth trimester. I made sure before I gave birth there were items in this house to throw together easily that supported my healing. This is gluten-free, packed with fiber, good fats, protein, tons of greens, and citrus," explains Baroncici. Sold? Us too.



"Try to have a lot of dark leafy greens and a colorful range of veggies. "I get mine at the farmer's market every week. If you’re breastfeeding, make sure to cook what can upset your babies tummy, like kale or broccoli," says Baroncini.



  • Bring water to a boil and cook your pasta.
  • Cool pasta per the instructions and add goat cheese while warm.
  • Create a salad of your greens and veggies.
  • Add pasta on top of salad.
  • Add lemon, olive oil and salt to taste.


Let us know what you think! Tag us on social if you make Pia's recipe and be sure to add a side of Perelel's Mom Multi Support Pack to complete your postpartum care.

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