7 Postpartum Essentials to Ease Your Recovery

7 Postpartum Essentials to Ease Your Recovery

Welcome to the fourth trimester: a beautiful world of fluctuating hormones, adult diapers, nipple creams—oh, and one darling, tiny human with the sweetest breath you’ve ever smelled. It is the best of times, it is the hardest of times. Having been through the fog of new motherhood ourselves, we know how unique and heightened the experience can feel—but we also know that there are certain postpartum essentials that can help expedite your recovery and ease your journey into motherhood.

Comfortable Loungewear

Postpartum is a blurry-eyed cocoon of neck nuzzling, spilled milk, sleeplessness and learning. And while we like to think we will have time to get dressed and ready in the whirlwind, pajamas are often the reality. A word to the wise: To upgrade your comfort, invest in a cozy new robe , slippers to slink around in, nursing bras, and fresh pajamas with breastfeeding access, if applicable. We’re big fans of clothing that will help you feel a little luxurious during a time that can feel anything but.

Healing Aids

Things may be a little dicey down there after a vaginal birth. Yes, it’s natural and your body knows how to heal itself, but we are also fans of any product that can aid in postpartum recovery and decrease discomfort. Instead of an ice pack, consider Frida Mom’s Instant Ice Maxi Pads ($20) (which are both cooling and absorbent, genius). Lola Pads ($8), a peri bottle, and a healing witch hazel spray are all great staples for perineal healing.

If you’re recovering from a c-section, consider high-waisted postpartum underwear that won’t rub your incision.

Sitz Bath 

The soothing steam of a sitz bath is another great way to expedite perineum healing and grant yourself relief in the days immediately following your delivery. Plus, it’s nice to steal away for 15 minutes of solo decompressing time. You can find countless options online and this Earth Mama Organic Herbal Sitz Bath ($10) is one of our favorites. 

Postnatal Vitamins 

You might have been told to continue taking your prenatals after giving birth, but the truth is your nutritional needs shift postpartum—and your postpartum care plan should include a comprehensive postnatal vitamin to specifically support this stage. Our Perelel Mom Multi Support Pack ($48) was formulated by a panel of leading OB/GYNs and maternal-fetal medicine doctors to support your nutritional demands postpartum and beyond. Every ingredient is backed by research and targeted to your exact needs. Each pack contains an Omega DHA+EPA to help combat postpartum anxiety and depression, and our much-loved Beauty Blend with added collagen to help rebuild skin tissue and fight postpartum hair loss.

Nipple Care

If you’re breastfeeding, your nipples may need special T.L.C. as you and your baby find your groove. Always keep your breasts clean and dry after feedings—and if you find yourself dealing with cracked or sore nipples, we recommend Silverette Nursing Cups and Motherlove Nipple Cream ($11).

Bedside Hydration

There is no time you will appreciate your bedside more than when you’re spending many hours per day in bed with a tiny human. Suddenly, it is the keeper of all things— vitamins, snacks, hair ties, socks and pumping parts. One of the most vital items of all is a giant water bottle with a straw. If you’ve ever spilled ice water on a newborn in the dead of night, you’ll get why the straw and lid are essential (woops). This Yeti keeps your water ice cold and this sleek option comes in every color you can imagine. 

Emotional Support 

And lastly, the most important essential of all: postpartum support. Whether it's the comfort of mom friends to text with granular dilemmas, a lactation consultant to ring with questions, family to pitch in with childcare so you can take a breather, or a night nurse to grant you space for sleep, only you can advocate for exactly what you need to survive—and later thrive, we promise—in your new role. 

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By Jessica Lopez. Jessica Lopez is a freelance writer, digital content creator, and new mother. She has covered all lifestyle topics ranging from bridal to beauty for publications including Brides Magazine, Byrdie, THE/THIRTY, and more. Walking wide-eyed into motherhood has inspired her to connect with other parents through her writing and shared experience. You can follow more of her journey @Jessica.H.Lopez

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