Geri Hirsch's Zero Waste Starter Kit: 5 Easy Swaps We Can Do Today

Geri Hirsch's Zero Waste Starter Kit: 5 Easy Swaps We Can Do Today

When it comes to taking care of mother nature, there's no act too big or too small. And though the concept of zero waste may sound daunting—composting, refillable beauty products and plastic-free, oh my—trust us when we say there are truly simple steps we all can do today that add up to make a big difference. But first, it starts with being mindful of our consumption habits.

No one gets that more than Geri Hirsch. The mom of two and clean living advocate also sits as the Strategic Advisor to Perelel and recently helped kick-off our recycling program for your Perelel empties so they can be upcycled and reused for something else. It's a small baby step in our larger mission of sustainability.

 "When I think about the amount of plastic bags, paper towels, foil and saran wrap I've used in my life, it makes me cringe," says Hirsch. "I truly didn't know any better but now that I do, I’m committed to reducing the unnecessary single-use waste in our home."

Want to join us in taking one small step towards reducing single-use plastic in your home? Here is Geri Hirsch's Zero Waste Starter Kit to get going.

 1. Reusable Ziplock Bags

Geri Hirsch Loves: Stasher Original Storage 4-Pack Bags ($55)

"I love, love, love these in replacement of Ziplocks because you can wash and reuse them hundreds and hundreds of times. You can put them in the dishwasher and the freezer. They're really great."

2. Unpaper Towels

Geri Hirsch Loves: This Joyful Home Unpaper Towels ($24)

"Think about the amount of times throughout the day you reach for a paper towel, use it once and then throw it in the trash. It really adds up. I keep a jar of about 15 of them right on my counter and then on my floor is a tiny little laundry basket and then I wash them and reuse them."

3. Reusable Food Wrap

Geri Hirsch Loves: Bee's Wrap Reusable Beeswax Wrap ($16)

4. Mesh Produce Bags

Geri Hirsch Loves: Wild Minimalist Organic Cotton Mesh Bags, Set of 5 ($30)

"I know I'm guilty of popping into the grocery store, using those plastic bags and then I come home and unpack my groceries and literally just throw them in the trash. So these are the things that I'm really trying to get better about. And I just leave these in the reusable shopping bag so that when I'm in the grocery store, I have them."

5. Glass Straws

Geri Hirsch Loves: Hummingbird Glass Reusable Straws ($24)

Do you have any sustainable tips that you use in your home? Tell us by joining the Perelel community on social.