Erewhon Grocery Haul

Erewhon Grocery Haul: 6 Must-Haves from the L.A. Health Food Destination

As if we needed one more reason to visit Erewhon—LA’s cult-loved wellness destination has redefined health food stores with celebrity collaboration smoothies, every wellness product you never knew you needed (but do), produce so beautiful it deserves a photoshoot before consumption, and restaurant-quality prepped food. Allow us to add yet another motivator into the equation: Perelel is hitting the shelves at an Erewhon near you.

We are honored to introduce our exclusive collaboration: Perelel x Erewhon Women’s Daily Vitamin Pack + Bloat Relief* and Men’s Daily Vitamin Pack + Bloat Relief*, available now. In celebration, we sent Jessica Lopez on a grocery haul to stock up on autumn’s Erewhon essentials. Here’s what she checked off her list.

1. Cold Pressed Juice

Ah, the wall of jugs. Those glistening mason jars full of cold pressed juices, soups, broths—balms for the soul. That wall just looks like it can solve my problems. If my fridge looked like that, I’d rule the world. Right now, my toddler and I are dodging RSV, Covid, the flu, and run-of-the-mill colds–as we all are. Enter, Erewhon’s Liquid Gold Cold Pressed Juice ($20). She’s a spicy one, with lemon juice, organic ginger, turmeric, and cayenne—the immunity heavy hitters. I like it straight up, diluted with water. And if you ever asked me if I’ve added hot water and whiskey on a frigid night...I would not say no.

2. Sea Moss Gel 

I can’t come to Erewhon without trying what’s new, hot ’n healing, right? “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” Right now the buzz is swirling around sea moss gel, and thankfully Erewhon has a fridge full of that good goo. What does it do, you ask? Sea moss is said to include 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies need for optimal health, prebiotic soluble fiber, with collagen building benefits, blood support and iodine supplementation. It's already made its way through the Tik Tok and is so buzzy Hailey Bieber even put it in her Rhode x Erewhon smoothieI’m scooping it into protein shakes and veggie soups.

3. Perelel x Erewhon Daily Vitamin Packs

LA's most trusted health brands have joined forces. Erewhon entrusted our team of founding doctors at Perelel to create exclusive, clean, bioavailable formulas that complement the rest of the healthy goodness in your shopping cart. Introducing: Perelel x Erewhon Women's Daily Vitamin Pack + Bloat Relief* and Men's Daily Vitamin Pack + Bloat Relief.* In addition to the daily vitamins you have come to know and love, we are excited to introduce our new Bloat Relief* formula that eases bloat and digestive discomfort, and promotes healthy metabolism. You know you're getting everything you need, in just the right amount. Made by the doctors who know best. 

erewhon grocery haul

4. NuttZo

Since research shows that early exposure can help prevent food allergies in children, I’ve been doing my best to keep major allergens in my toddler’s diet regularly. One easy way for me to do that is Nuttzo Organic Power Fuel Butter ($17), which has a mix of almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds. I serve it on toast or apples a couple times a week with great success. 

5. Luminex Toothpaste 

Have you been served Lumineux Instagram ads yet? That’s how I got introduced to the brand of “clean” but sensitive whitening toothpastes and strips. It seemed too good to be true, but I can personally vouch that the Lumineux Whitening Strips ($40) are gentle enough for my wildly-sensitive teeth and they work!

6. Sushi 

No Erewhon stop is complete without a visit to the Erewhon sushi section. My current favorite is their Spicy Tuna Caterpillar Roll, but I have not met a roll I didn’t enjoy there. Pregnant? Not to worry—Erewhon has a variety of vegan and vegetable sushi rolls that are safe for you and your growing little one.

Shop Erewhon-Approved Vitamins 

Are you in the LA-area? Look for Perelel at your local Erewhon marketplace during your next shopping trip or subscribe to doctor-formulated vitamins targeted to your exact stage of womanhood today.

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Written by Jessica Lopez. Jessica Lopez is a writer and new mother based in Southern California. She has written for Cup of Jo, BRIDES, Byrdie, THE/THIRTY, and more, and she currently enjoys (over)thinking and writing about parenthood. You can connect with her on Instagram, if you’d like.

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