Our Unparalleled Core Prenatal
At each stage of pregnancy, you will receive a sachet containing our Core Prenatal, Omega DHA+EPA, and two additional supplements specifically designed for your phase.

The Perelel Core Prenatal

is the foundation of all of our products and was developed by a team of leading obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine doctors. As with all of our products, we use only high-quality bioavailable formats at clinically-tested doses.

Quality Is Our Guiding Principle

Our Core Prenatal contains the activated format of folate (L-5 Methylfolate) and a significant amount of choline, which supports fetal neurodevelopment and DHA metabolism. In addition, our Core Prenatal includes vitamin D to support normal immune function, the chelated format of key minerals for optimal absorption, and a blend of vitamins to aid in a healthful pregnancy. We created a no-nausea formulation that contains magnesium and precisely-selected, tolerable nutrient formats. And because we believe in the power of clean, trustworthy ingredients, all Perelel supplements are non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free and contain no colorants or synthetic fillers.*

Highlights of our core formulation:

700 mcg

Active, methylated format (L-5 Methylfolate)

120 mg

A significantly higher dose than in most prenatals to support fetal neurodevelopment and DHA metabolism*

150 mcg

Potassium iodine format to support thyroid function and brain development*

50 mcg

To support thyroid function*

Vitamin D
2,000 IU

To support immune function*

25 mg

To support immune function*

30 mg

In bisglycinate chelate format to support tolerability and help with constipation*

15 mg

Ferrochel™ ferrous chelated format to allow for optimal absorption and limited constipating side effects*

Key Minerals

For optimal tolerability and absorption*

No Nausea

Including 12 mg B6 and specifically selected, tolerable nutrient formats

Omega 3
(250 mg DHA + 100 mg EPA)

To support mood and brain development*


Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, and Dairy Free