Let’s prepare your body
for pregnancy

with a doctor-formulated routine to support your fertility

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Conception Support Pack*

is the perfect start for women ready to begin family planning. It has great ingredients that promote healthy eggs and support early pregnancy. I love that it’s backed by research and targeted to a woman's specific needs.

Research-Backed | 3rd Party Tested | High-Quality Ingredients | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Research-Backed | 3rd Party Tested | High-Quality Ingredients | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free |

Your Pre-Pregnancy Routine Starts Here

A daily vitamin routine with a full-spectrum prenatal vitamin, CoQ10, omega DHA + EPA, and additional folate.

Conception Support Pack Box

Conception Support Pack*

30 Daily Pill Packs
  • Formulated by top fertility doctors
  • Helps prepare your body for pregnancy*
  • Supports Egg Health*
  • May Help Support Ovulation*
  • Supports Early-Stage Pregnancy*

A Look Inside Your "Pre" Prenatal Vitamin Pack

Conception Support Pack* is specifically made to prepare your body for pregnancy. Most prenatal vitamins are one-size-fits-all, and don’t consider the unique nutrient needs of this chapter.*

Not ready to get pregnant right now?
Don't worry,
this pack is for you!

Our medical panel recommends taking our Conception Support Pack* at least 6 months before you’re ready to begin trying to get pregnant.

Essential Nutrients to Support
Fertility + Early Pregnancy

Your complete vitamin routine to prepare your body
for pregnancy and support fertility—all in one daily pack.*


Let’s talk about some of the other ways to support your fertility—
in addition to a conception vitamin routine.

What to Do:

Check in with your doctor.

Together, you can make sure there are no imbalances or irregularities to address, and make a plan to go off hormonal birth control if you’re on it.

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What to Eat:

Follow the conception diet.

Prioritize balanced, nutritious meals and nutrients that support fertility, like folate.

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What to Avoid:

Cut back on vices like smoking 
and alcohol.

These habits can have a negative impact on fertility.

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The Fertility Smoothie


Support hormonal balance and egg health with this recipe from Perelel Panelist Stephanie Lauri, RD.*


  • 1 Scoop Perelel Synbiotic Greens Powder
  • 1/2 C whole milk greek yogurt
  • 1/2 small avocado (or 1/4 C frozen cubed)
  • 1/2 to 1 C milk of choice
  • 1 C spinach
  • 1/2 C frozen berries

Check in with
your cycle.

Tracking your menstrual cycle is a crucial step when you’re planning for pregnancy—
to ensure that you’re addressing any irregularities, and so that you know when you’re most fertile.

To start, let’s learn about when during your cycle you’re most likely to get pregnant.

The Fertile Window

The Two Week Wait

The two weeks between ovulation and your anticipated next period is known as the “two week wait,” or TWW. It takes roughly two weeks after conception for the pregnancy hormone hCG to rise to a level that a pregnancy test can detect.

Ask an expert

I’ve been taking hormonal birth control—
will that impact my chances?

“No, that’s an old wive’s tale. Birth control pills these days are very low-dose and they’re very reversible. By stopping hormonal birth control, a woman should be able to get pregnant very easily and it doesn’t matter if she’s been on two weeks of birth control or ten years."
— Dr. Andy Huang, MD, FACOG

You and your body deserve the best—
now more than ever.

That means relying on a vitamin regimen with the highest-quality ingredients.

But cobbling that routine together on your own can be time-consuming—and expensive.

If you purchased similar vitamins individually, it would cost 203% more.¹

  • Prenatal Vitamin $39.66
  • CoQ10 $43.40
  • Omega DHA + EPA $41.82
  • Methylfolate $25.33

Buying each supplement


Perelel’s Conception Support Pack*

$49.50 / month

¹Based on an average of premium vitamin brands.

  • “I feel like I hit the prenatal jackpot! So many people have trouble finding prenatal vitamins that don’t have crappy side effects like nausea or fishy aftertaste. This vitamin pack not only has ALL the nutrients I was looking for, but it doesn’t make me feel bad at all! Love it!”

    –Amanda L.
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    –Kathryn A.
  • “Love how easy it is to take all my vitamins at one time- no need to buy multiple bottles. Perelel makes it super convenient to start a routine and stick to it.”

    –Elizabeth M.
  • “I could not recommend this enough! It takes all the guess work out of prenatal supplements and the anti-nausea has been a life saver. I love the thoughtfulness behind this entire brand, right down to its recyclable packaging. Showed it to my midwife who is now recommending it to other patients!”

    –Kerri M.
  • “So grateful that Perelel put so much thought and care into prenatals, adding and changing vitamins throughout the pregnancy. Every night when I take my prenatal pack I feel like a good mom for a minute before bed because I’m nourishing my little ones (twins!) with such a perfect supplement.”

    –Julia H.
  • "I feel the best I have felt in a long time on these Vitamins. And it makes me feel so good that baby is also receiving great nutrients!"

    –Katlyn K
  • "These vitamins give me peace of mind that I'm giving my baby everything they need. I've felt more energy too- highly recommend!"

    –Stephanie C

Conception Support Pack*

Formulated by top fertility doctors, help prepare your body for pregnancy with this daily vitamin routine that includes a full-spectrum prenatal vitamin, CoQ10, omega DHA + EPA, and additional folate.*