Planning for Pregnancy

Our complete vitamin routine to support your fertility was formulated by a panel of leading OB/GYNs and fertility doctors.

1st Trimester

Everything you need for the earliest stages of pregnancy. OB/GYN-made vitamins to support your body (and baby) during your first trimester—including options for nausea.

2nd Trimester

The regimen you need to support your second trimester. Nurture your baby's growth by taking care of you—with a prenatal pack that changes with you.

3rd Trimester

The support you need for those final weeks of pregnancy. Our third trimester vitamin regimen supports your baby's growth while preparing your body for birth.


Formulated by doctors to ease your recovery and support the nutritional demands of postpartum—powering you through those sleepless nights and early-morning feedings.


Formulated by leading OB/GYNs, naturopaths, and reproductive psychiatrists to balance stress levels and support your nutrient demands through the early years of motherhood.

Supporting My Cycle

Support for your entire menstrual cycle—not just your period. Doctor-made vitamins to promote hormonal balance and targeted symptom relief for PMS, PCOS, and more.*

Daily Wellness

Formulated by a panel of doctors and leading women’s health experts to support your daily nutritional needs, hormonal health, mood, and beauty.