Fertility, Unfiltered: Whitney Port Shares a Never-Before-Seen Look Inside Her 5-Year Fertility Journey

Fertility, Unfiltered: Whitney Port Shares a Never-Before-Seen Look Inside Her 5-Year Fertility Journey

Often, the road to parenthood isn't a straight line. Our series Fertility, Unfiltered brings pulls back the curtain on the journey to get there—with raw, firsthand accounts of IVF, egg freezing, and more.

When Whitney Port first started documenting her IVF appointments for Perelel in April 2022, she was already three years deep into her journey to baby number two. After experiencing a series of heartbreaking losses, she was diagnosed with secondary infertility—a term used to describe fertility challenges after carrying a healthy pregnancy. After all, Whitney had conceived her firstborn, Sonny, in a matter of months—but like so many couples in the US (11 percent, to be precise), Whitney and her husband Tim met largely unexplained obstacles during this second chapter. 

But even as her "rollercoaster" of a journey has taken more unexpected detours over the past couple of years—with moments she describes as "excruciating"—Whitney's resolve to expand her family has never wavered.

"I continue to have hope," she says. "While this is trying and exhausting, I don't want to give up. It's going to happen one way or another."

Exclusive to Perelel, follow Whitney's five-year journey below over five full-length episodes below—as she takes us along to IVF appointments, shares candid anxieties, and processes her grief in real time, in never-before-seen footage.


We kick things off in April 2022, as Whitney takes us along to a doctor's appointment in preparation for her IVF embryo transfer.


In the spring of 2022, Whitney shares a recap of her fertility journey thus far: from heartbreaking losses to her decision to pursue IVF.


As she prepares for her next IVF appointment, Whitney shares some of her anxieties about this next chapter.


An unexpected illness derails Whitney's plans for her embryo transfer.


Two years later, Whitney processes the grief of her heartbreaking journey with surrogacy—and shares what the next chapter might hold for her family.

In honor of Whitney's story, we're sponsoring a round of IVF for a member of our community in partnership with Baby Quest. Learn how to apply here—and follow Whitney's story even more closely on our TikTok.

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