Standards Matter: How to Know That Your Vitamins Are Safe and Effective

Standards Matter: How to Know That Your Vitamins Are Safe and Effective

As doctors (and moms) with sky-high standards, we do everything in our power to deliver the very best support for you, when it matters most. From the moment we conceive a product to the moment it’s delivered to your doorstep, our commitment to your health is unparalleled. For us, that means doing things like: 

  • Triple-testing our products for purity and safety
  • Opting for clinically-researched ingredients in their most bioavailable forms
  • Formulating each and every one of our stage-specific products in partnership with some of the leading women's health doctors in the country

… to name a few.

But our way of doing things isn't necessarily the industry standard—in fact, one of the reasons we founded Perelel was because we felt that the vitamin market was inundated with oversimplified formulas, questionable filler ingredients, and a lack of transparency. So we set out to create something that would actually give women the quality support they need, when they need it—along with the assurance that they aren't putting anything in their bodies that doesn't belong there.

So how do you know if your vitamins have high standards for safety and efficacy? Follow our checklist below.

1. Your vitamins have (doctor-backed) receipts. (Ingredients are substantiated by research.)

Every Perelel product is meticulously formulated with the help of our panel of leading OB/GYNs, fertility doctors, dietitians, naturopaths, doulas and women's health experts. Each ingredient and dose is informed by the latest clinical research, with doctor-recommended doses to ensure nutrients make an impact. Together, our panel helps us bridge published studies with their own clinical insights and even traditional medicine practices to land on a formula that honors the specific needs of each hormonal stage, taking into account unique nutritional demands and symptoms. We are so committed to staying at the forefront of the latest research and clinical insights from our founding doctors that we even occasionally update our formulas.

2. The brand actively works to measure its products' impact via clinical studies.

According to our Director of Product Development, Kayte Angell, “Customers should also start to demand clinical studies on the finished product since it shows the benefit of the product as well as the ingredients.” For example, we conducted an 8-week independent study to ensure the efficacy of our Mom Multi Support Pack. 70% of participants had more energy and overall mood improvements, 73% of participants had brighter, more radiant skin and improved skin health, 77% of participants had shinier hair, and 8/10 would recommend the product to a friend.* (And this just the first step of our broader clinical commitment.)

3. Your vitamins pass several testing checkpoints for safety and purity. (And the brand actually shares that information on their site.)

All Perelel vitamins are made in the United States in FDA Registered and Inspected Facilities that are cGMP certified and are confirmed to be safely under USP microbiological standards before they arrive at your door. Before your Perelel makes it to you, it’s triple-tested for safety, purity, and quality.

Raw Material Testing: To confirm each ingredient meets its individual specifications, the raw materials are quarantined at our manufacturing facility until they have proven they meet our standards by passing testing for micro and purity requirements.

Production Testing: Then, during the manufacturing process, each and every product undergoes various stages of testing to confirm what is produced meets our quality standards—weight, taste, and smell confirmation, as well as metal detection, and color checks are all regularly confirmed during the process.

Third-Party Testing: Finally,  in order to receive our Quality Team’s approval, the product needs to meet our stringent internal product specifications before it can be mailed to you. That means leveraging third-party testing to confirm the product's physical characteristics (yes, even after this has already been done!), testing to ensure your Perelel Vitamin Packs meet California’s strict Proposition 65 levels (no matter where you live!), testing to confirm the absence of microbiological contaminants, making sure each batch is gluten-free, and quantifying the potency of our active ingredients to confirm they meet their label claims. 

4. Every batch is inspected and tested.

Many brands use skip lot testing for their finished product—meaning that only a fraction of their product batches are inspected and tested before they make it to you. We proudly test and wait for the micro, heavy metal, and purity testing of every batch so that you can rest assured you’re getting our very best across our products. “Perelel is going above and beyond so you can feel taken care of when you choose one of our products,” says Kayte.

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The bottom line: We’re honored to be a part of your health journey, and it’s a job we take seriously. No shortcuts, no concessions, and no stones (or ingredients) unturned.

Meet the Perelel Panel, our exclusive team of world-class doctors and leading experts who review all of our product formulations, inform product development, and fuel our content.

Based on an 8-week independent study of 30 women, ages 25+ who have at least one child under the age of 5 years old.