Perelel Revolve Women's Daily Vitamin Trio

ICYMI: Perelel Is Revolve-Approved

Raise of hands if you take your Perelel before a night out. (Ahem, guilty.) We'll if you're like us and believe that wellbeing can come in the form of multivitamin and a martini too, then this next announcement has your name written all over it: You can now officially shop your Perelel on Revolve.

If you don't know already, Revolve is our go-to fashion destination for everything from a big night out to our next summer vacation. They stand for having fun and feeling good while doing it—something we can get behind. And so, in honor of our Women's Daily Vitamin Trio's official Revolve debut, we thought we'd share three reasons why Perelel and Revolve are better together. Read on below.

1. Revolve's Chief Brand Officer Raissa Gerona is an investor in Perelel.

Did you know that Revolve's secret weapon, Raissa Gerona, is actually an investor in Perelel, too? She's been behind-the-scenes in some major Perelel moments, like the launch party to celebrate our Women's Daily Vitamin Trio's debut. Plus, she shared her own motherhood story on our podcast, Perelel Lives. And—spoiler alert—she actually found out she was pregnant at Revolve in the Hamptons.

2. Perelel was made for a #RevolveAroundTheWorld Trip.

When we created Perelel, we knew we needed to step up the experience of packing your vitamin regimine. That's why we set out to make convenient, recyclable daily vitamins packs bundled with exactly what you need, when you need it. Life gets too busy to have to stop on piece together your vitamin routine. We may be biased, but we think packing your Perelel is a no-brainer for any #RevolveAroundTheWorld trip.

3. We both believe in the mood-boosting powers of friendship.

If you know Revolve, you know that fun is the name of their game. But that actually goes a long way for your mental health. Connecting and finding your village makes a big difference when it comes to navigating life's daily stressors. At Perelel, we believe in the sisterhood of womanhood. Why? Because we know that leaning on your people helps. And who doesn't love to have a little fun along the way? 

Shop Perelel's Women Daily Vitamin Trio now at Revolve. Plus, Revolve's Raissa Gerona shares her surprise pregnancy story and how she's leaned into her self-identity as "mom" now.

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