Wait, What Does Synbiotic Mean?

Wait, What Does Synbiotic Mean?

It all starts in your gut. Research shows that a healthy microbiome has a positive effect on your health, metabolism and your immunity. And during pregnancy, maternal health and diet play a critical role in creating the foundation of your baby’s gut microbiome.*

One way to support a healthy microbiome is by adding probiotics to your daily routine. Probiotics are the good bacteria that balance out the bad bacteria in your gut, helping you feel your best inside and out. And that’s not all—you can boost your gut flora even more with the addition of prebiotics: fiber that feeds the good bacteria making your probiotics all the more potent. 

But not all probiotic + prebiotic pairings are truly equal.

When the right combination of prebiotics and probiotics are paired, it results in what scientists call synergism. That means, that your specific format of prebiotic is backed by research to help your strain of probiotic thrive in your microbiome.

Perelel’s Synbiotic Greens Vitamin Powder ($45) is made by doctors and formulated with prebiotic inulin + probiotic Bacillus subtilis for a powerful synbiotic source.* Simply put—it’s doing double time for your health.

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Better Together: Our Synbiotic Sources

  • Prebiotic Inulin
    Sourced from organic Jerusalem artichokes, inulin is a carbohydrate preferred by probiotics in the gut that helps maintain a healthy digestive system, regularity and can help relieve constipation.*

  • Bacillus Subtilis Probiotic
    Our probiotic promotes a healthy gut flora and is clinically shown to proliferate in the gut to support intestinal and gastrointestinal health, can help reduce occasional constipation or diarrhea, and help support overall immune health.*

A Natural Defense System: Our Spore-Forming Probiotic

Perelel’s Synbiotic formula is naturally built to survive. Spore-forming probiotics stay protected until they’re in the ideal temperature, moisture and pH conditions for proliferation. Meaning, they’ll actually make it to your gut.*

Shop Synbiotic Greens Powder

Perelel’s Synbiotic Greens Powder ($45)

Perelel’s Synbiotic Greens Powder ($45) is made specifically for women to support your gut, digestive and immune health with a daily prebiotic + probiotic blend with added antioxidants. Formulated by leading OB/GYNs, nutritionists and naturopathic doctors, Synbiotic Greens Powder is backed by women’s health research and clinical insights. Plus, it's formulated without excess vitamins and minerals, or unsafe and understudied botanical ingredients so it's safe when pregnant, breastfeeding or paired with your existing multivitamin, too. Powered by plants, made for women.*

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