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Read Now, Thank Us Later—Our Complete Postpartum Recovery Kit

Photo Credit: @tisha.haynes
In the final hours it's time to start prepping for labor and delivery and your first weeks home with your new baby. While we've already covered your hospital bag packing list, it's also just as important to put some thought into your recovery kit. While no two birth experiences are the same and you don't really know what to expect, having an arsenal of tools ready to go beforehand will give you some control over your experience and allow you to be present and enjoy the time with your new little one. Start making your recovery kit with the help of our checklist below.

Vaginal Delivery Recovery Kit

Perelel Tips:
  • Stock up on brief-style underwear.
    Usually the hospital will send you home with mesh underwear and some basic supplies. But be prepared to wear brief-style underwear for a while after delivery along with loose fitting clothing.
  • A donut cushion may be a game-changer.
    If you get an episiotomy, a donut cushion will ease discomfort while sitting. You can buy an inexpensive one on Amazon, or if you're up for a splurge Frida Mom's Perineal Donut Comfort Cushion ($40) is supposed to be fabulous.

Your Checklist:

Cesarean Delivery Recovery Kit

Perelel Tips:

  • Ask for help.
    It's important to have an extra set of hands during the first few weeks since the general rule of thumb is that women recovering from a c-section shouldn't lift anything heavier than their baby. Have a game plan about who you're going to lean on so it's a seamless transition.
  • Get support for breastfeeding.
    C-sections have been linked to a higher risk of breastfeeding difficulties.1 If you're having a hard time with breastfeeding, a lactation consultant can help and may be worth seeking out.

Your Checklist:

  • Heating Pad
  • Step stool if you have a high bed to climb into.

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