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Perelel Is Poosh-Approved

This Just In: Perelel is Poosh-approved.

Major news, Perelelies—we teamed up with Kourtney Kardashian's wellness guide to create a special edition vitamin bundle we know you're sure to love. (Spoiler Alert: The benefits may be seen in the bedroom, too.) Intrigued? Read on for the tea.

If you don't know Poosh by now, the content destination is our hub for all things wellness. And we mean all things. Known to "Poosh the boundaries," we can always count on Kourt and her team to try the latest, buzzy wellness trend, curate expert-vetted product guides, and weigh in on everything from non-toxic living to sexual health and wellbeing. Curious to try a sex cleanse? Team Poosh has your back. 

But that's not all. Because Kourtney Kardashian has access to the best, her wellness guide brings top-notch experts to your fingertips, too. From top doctors to alternative women's health experts, Poosh takes a holistic approach to help you live your best life. Something that we can get behind here at Perelel. 

So, it should come as no surprise the Perelel teamed of with Poosh for an exclusive bundle of our Women's Daily Vitamin Trio + Libido Support to target your reproductive health, immune support, thyroid function, mood and stress management, plus hair, skin, and nail support, too.


Perelel x Poosh Women's Daily Vitamin Bundle Libido

Perelel Poosh Women's Vitamin Libido

Perelel x Poosh Women's Daily Vitamin Bundle ($45)

Our bundle was developed by a panel of leading obstetricians, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and endocrinologists and is complete with a multivitamin for nourishment, an omega for mood support, Beauty Blend for healthy hair, skin and nails, and Libido Support with targeted nutrients to support female arousal.* 

Ready to kickstart a new healthy habit? Shop the Perelel x Poosh Women's Daily Vitamin Bundle ($45) now exclusively at Poosh.

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