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Perelel Lives: Whitney Port on How to Support Yourself When Navigating IVF & Secondary Infertility

Welcome to Perelel Lives, a podcast where we learn about the tireless yet vibrantly challenging role the women we admire most live in parallel to their careers and personal pursuits: becoming and being a mom.

We live in a society that glamorizes and celebrates women‘s careers, the companies they’ve built, and the movements they’ve created. But, what we’ve failed to highlight is a facet of their lives that is far more personal—a side that presents perhaps the hardest, but most rewarding job of all—a job with no PTO, no holiday breaks, no sick days, and no salary. Oh, and it also lasts a lifetime: motherhood. Here, we have real conversations about motherhood. (Not another parenting podcast.)

Which brings us to today's conversation...

Today’s episode is with none other than Whitney Port. You probably know her from a little show called, The Hills. She has since she’s become a true multi-hyphenate with a tremendous platform where she inspires women everywhere with her insanely cool personal style and inquisitive nature across social and her own podcast, With Whit. But we know her best for her honest conversations about her motherhood journey. In this episode, we talk about second-child anxiety, secondary infertility, the ins and outs of her IVF process, her best advice to anyone navigating fertility challenges, weighing the decision of whether or not to pursue surrogacy, and how to use grief as a catalyst for a more present and full life.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.


Whitney Port motherhood



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