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Artist Aleksandra Zee Shares Her Sources of Inspiration at Home

We want to know: What's nourishing you?

Welcome to our series, Nourished. Here, we feature women creating an enriching life and ask what's currently nourishing their mind, body and soul, inspired by our Women's Daily Vitamin Trio ($38), which targets the three pillars of health and wellbeing.

For Oakland-based woodworker, artist, designer and author, Aleksandra Zee, inspiration begins at home. Her tonal pieces are on high-demand and have been featured by the likes of Dwell and Refinery29 and the artist has even done a collaboration with Pottery Barn. But we wanted to know what's nourishing the artist behind-the-curtain. 

Read on for her refreshing take on replenishing her mind, body and soul below.


Aleksandra Zee Woodworker


1. At this moment, what’s currently taking up your headspace?

Currently, I am working on my new body of work that is set to release in July. It’s been a long time coming, and I am so deeply excited for the world to see what I’ve been creating.

2. What books are you reading?

Where the Crawdads Sing and Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

3. What’s currently on your playlist?

My husband, Antrom Alexander and his EP that he released last year and anyone that knows me, knows how much I love the Biebs. 

4. What was the last thing you Googled? 

Kind of boring but, "what are the most common dimensions for a dining room table?" (I built one recently.) I’m constantly Googling weather in different places. I guess that’s me wanting to travel to all the places.

5. What are you currently watching?

I'm a die hard fan of Breaking Bad. I’m also in the last season of Better Call Saul and loving it. My guilty pleasure currently is Outlander. Oh, and Russian Doll. My guiltiest guilty pleasure? Rewatching the entire series of The O.C.

6. What’s your go-to self-care routine?

Lately, I have been finding a lot of joy in my AM and PM skincare routines. Taking just a little extra time for dry brushing and all of my serums gives me a moment to pause and provide myself with a bit of luxury. 

7. Do you have any tips for managing stress?

Meditation is really huge for me in combating the stress of running a business. A bit of advice I give myself in those stressful times is to not sweat the small stuff, and if it’s not a "hell yes," it’s a no.

"If it’s not a 'hell yes,' it’s a no."


8. What’s nourishing your soul?

The moments of blissed out art creation in the studio. When the inspiration hits, and everything else in the world melts away while I’m creating. Another soul nourishment is spending time out in nature with my hubbs and our two pups. Last but not least: running around chasing and playing with my Goddaughter Finn.

9. What brings you joy?

Doing anything creative with my hands brings me joy. It helps me return home to myself when I’m feeling out of whack.

Aleksandra Zee


10. You feel best in your body when…

I get a good night's sleep after a long day in the shop. 

11. Your favorite nourishing recipe is...

Homemade chicken soup.

Aleksandra Zee

12. What’s your favorite wellness routine?

Meditation and treating yourself to some time of luxurious skincare.

13. When do you feel strongest?

I feel the strongest with two feet firmly planted on the ground, in front of my workbench building my artwork.

14. Your go-to workout is...

My Peloton and hikes out in nature.

15. When do you workout?

Typically evenings, hiking we usually save for the weekends.

16. What does health mean to you?

Health is essential. Having a strong mind and body is the foundation of any kind of happiness. I am a firm believer in therapy and healing from within. 


"Having a strong mind and body is the foundation of any kind of happiness."

17. When do you take your vitamins?

I take vitamins in the AM and PM. Since I do lead a very active lifestyle, making sure I get nutrients from both food or supplements is high on the priority list for me. 

18. What time do you go to bed + wake up each night?

I like to go to sleep by 10 PM and wake up around 7:30 AM.

Aleksandra Zee

19. Any tips for a good night’s sleep?

No screen time before bed. Pick up a book instead. Believe it or not, I rest easier reading my murder mysteries than scrolling on TikTok. 

20. Coffee or tea?

Oat milk lattes made exclusively by my husband. He makes them best.

21. First thing you do when your alarm goes off…

Hit snooze than snuggle our pups. 

Aleksandra Zee


22. When do you feel most beautiful?

I think I feel the most beautiful after a day spent in the ocean with the salt water drying on my skin and hair.

23. What has been your relationship to beauty?

Beauty comes in all shades of color and sizes.

24. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means taking a moment to stop and remember how much I cherish this life that I have.

Aleksandra Zee

25. When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin?

In a pair of coveralls and boots in the woodshop.

26. You’re stranded on a deserted island. What's the beauty product you bring with you?


27. The beauty product that’s always in your cabinet…

BioClear Lotion ($85) by Jan Marini.

28. The beauty product that’s always in your purse…

Tinted chapstick.

29. Do you have any beauty tricks using natural ingredients found in your kitchen?

Homemade sea-salt spray for beachy waves.

30. Do you have a tried-and-true beauty trick that actually works?

Icing my face before putting makeup on. It gets rid of the puffy.

31. What's your go-to night out makeup look?

Euphoria Season 1. 

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