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Let's Normalize the Journey, Together

Our latest campaign video is here and—our message? Simple. Through this video, our hope is to show the various paths to motherhood. We often don't see or hear about the many twists and turns women endure throughout this chapter, but we need to normalize those conversations and, in turn, support one another. 

Everyone’s journey to motherhood is different. But together we can feel less alone. 


And while we're at it, as a company we are committed to paid leave.

Today, our mothers are in crisis. With paid leave at the center of national public policy debate, it was important for us to humanize this issue by encouraging real women everywhere to share their stories and bring them to the forefront of the conversation. But that's not all. 

Even though we are a small company at Perelel and every head counts, we need to do the right thing and take action. As such, we are introducing a new paid leave program: We will be offering 20 weeks leave for any version of new parenthood (pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy), 12 weeks for NICU leave, up to 4 weeks leave for pregnancy loss, as well as paid leave days for IVF and fertility treatments. 

As moms, but more importantly women, we believe in a human-first approach in all that we do. We are inextricably connected through these experiences and we must do better to support one another, to support our mothers. We encourage our fellow female-founded, female-led companies to meet our policy, and our hope is that any business that is able to offer more, does just that. Here at Perelel, we will remain committed to evolving this program as our company is better suited to support it as we scale. And you will find us sharing our motherhood journeys and supporting any issue that improves the health and wellbeing of today’s woman.

Here's how you can support paid leave, too.

Join the movement. Share our campaign video, tag the women who supported you, and share your motherhood story by tagging @perelelhealth with #NormalizeTheJourney.