Real Motherhood: My Gender Reveal Story

Real Talk: My Gender Reveal Story

Photo Credit: @ashleymcdane

Welcome to our series: Real Talk. Here, we share first-person stories from our community on various topics we all go through in our motherhood journey. We created this series because no two motherhood experiences are the same and everyone arrives at motherhood in their own way. And we think that's beautiful. The Real Talk series elevates different perspectives and experiences on motherhood to foster conversation, connection and to celebrate the sisterhood of motherhood.

Today's topic: gender reveal.

“My husband and I decided that we didn’t want to find out the gender of both of our babies. We felt that it was one of the few good surprises of life and it made the birth day even more exciting. The best part of not finding out the sex of our babies was the anticipation from our family as they gathered in the waiting room awaiting my husband's announcement. Since I was still in the room and could not be there for the big reveal, it was something special and unique for him. We forget that as mothers we experience all of the kicks, hiccups and movements throughout the pregnancy. We are constantly showered with excitement from our family and friends, but our partner stands by awaiting without the perks. This was a fun way for him to be part of the excitement and you can see in the photo of him with his arms up in the air announcing that we had a baby boy (twice!) that the few months of unknown were worth it.” 

- Courtney

“We found out our daughter's gender as soon as possible. I was hoping for a girl and after a very sick first trimester, everything finally became real and exciting. I lost my mom several years ago and being able to experience a mother-daughter relationship again has brought me so much joy and really helped my grief.”

- Marion

“Of course, the first question I ask any pregnant mom is: “Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl?” But it always feels like a funny question for me because we did not find out with either of our pregnancies. I think because my mom didn’t know what she was having when she was pregnant with me or my sisters, I figured I didn’t need to know either. And let's be honest, I was just so thrilled to be pregnant that I didn’t care either way. All I wanted was a healthy baby. We are now blessed with a son and a daughter and if we were to get pregnant again I still wouldn’t find out the gender.” 

- Courtney

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