Matrescence: A Fascinating Look into the Postpartum Mind with Aimee Song and Reproductive Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Oreck, MD, MS

Matrescence: A Fascinating Look into the Postpartum Mind with Aimee Song and Reproductive Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Oreck, MD, MS

Photo Credit: Aimee Song
Perelel presents Matrescence, an exclusive four-part video series on mental health in the fourth trimester. Each week, we'll be unpacking a new topic—from self-identity shifts, new emotions, mom guilt, how to build your support system, and so much more. Check back here each Thursday for our latest release and join in the conversation to #NormalizeTheJourney.

Anthropologists call the transition into motherhood “matrescence,” similar to “adolescence,” because of how enormous the change can be. It is a time of great physical and emotional transformation that marks new beginnings, a shift as a woman, and the birth of a mother. But let’s be real—the shift into motherhood can also be, quite truthfully, hard.

Aimee Song sits down with reproductive psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Oreck, MD, MS, following the birth of her first baby to pull back the curtain on the realities of the postpartum experience and the physical and psychological changes that come with it. In making this series, the way we look at motherhood has undoubtedly been changed forever. (And we think yours will be, too.)

Watch their conversations below.

Episode 1: Self-Identity

"We have this notion that somehow our self-identity should be very fixed. But we're transitioning, changing, and maturing throughout our entire lives. And I think motherhood is that on steroids."

- Dr. Sarah Oreck, MD, MS 


Episode 2: Depression, Anxiety & Ambivalence 

"It's so easy for me to help a friend who is suffering, yet when my turn to receive the help, it feel so uncomfortable."

- Aimee Song


Episode 3: Mom Guilt

"I am definitely guilty of perfectionism, especially in motherhood. I was comparing my childhood to Teo's childhood. How my mom is with me to how I am with Teo, and the type of mother I want to be."

- Aimee Song


Tune back in next week for the final episode of Matrescence where we talk about support systems and building your village. 


Episode 4: Support Systems

"There's something about women wanting to be a martyr...But I had to learn it the hard way. Like, 'No, you can't do this alone.'"

- Aimee Song

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