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7 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for a Fresh Home

Clean living advocate, mom, and Perelel strategic advisor Geri Hirsch is our go-to for clean living recommendations—whether we're wanting to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home or find green alternatives to our tried-and-true favorites.

Here, she dives into her favorite non-toxic cleaning products.

Off the heels of my spring cleaning your life feature, I thought we could dive a little deeper into non-toxic cleaning products today. Why does this matter? For starters, you're covering your home in cleaning products regularly, specifically where you eat. And harsh chemicals in cleaning products have been proven to contain carcinogens, hormone disruptors, induce asthma, and more, so it’s ideal to opt for safer products or make your own at home. (Not something I’m personally doing, but admire you if you do!)

Before you spray or wipe down anything around your home, an easy way to check on a product's toxicity is by relying on the EWG. Look for products that are either EWG-verified, which means they meet the strictest standards for health and transparency. Or, check if they have an EWG A rating, which means there are few to no known or suspected hazards to our health and the environment and they are transparent about their ingredients.

Here are some of the top rated products that we use in our home...


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7 Non-Toxic Cleaners for Your Home

1. Bon Ami Powder Cleanser ($8)

An all-purpose cleaner we swear by.

2. Branch Basics The Concentrate ($49)

This plant-based cleaner has nearly 2,000 five star reviews.

3. Murchison-Hume Premium Glass Polish ($15)

Toxin-free? Check. Chic branding? Also, check.

4. Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Floor Cleaner ($10)

Rated A by the EWG, this floor cleaner is both pet and kid friendly.

5. Rosey Toilet Bowl Cleaner ($5) in Eucalyptus & Tea Tree

This eucalyptus cleaner will smell fresh and clean your toilet without harmful bleach or ammonia.

6. Blueland Dishwasher Tablets ($14) Fragrance Free

Not only are the ingredients clean, but the packaging is plastic-free and compostable, too.

7. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap ($10) in Baby Unscented

Our go-to hand soap—if you know, you know.

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