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6 Travel-Friendly Wellness Practices You Can Actually Keep Up With

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Taking off for a trip this summer? ‘Tis the season of wanderlust. Our TikTok feeds are never more international and flooded with travel content—hello, European summer—than now. While the cocktails, culinary indulgences, and revelry are calling your name (ours too), you might also be wondering how to ground yourself in a wellness routine while traveling. Thankfully, maintaining your health's equilibrium only requires small and intentional actions to keep you feeling your best on the road.

Read on for some tried and true suggestions.

Soak Up Morning Sunlight

One of the biggest hindrances to feeling your best when traveling is the dreaded time change. Without adequate sleep, everything’s out of whack—we know. To help your body adjust as quickly as possible, make an effort to get outside for some sunshine first thing in the morning. According to Andrew Huberman Ph.D, “Every cell in our bodies has a 24 hour molecular clock. Those clocks are all aligned with one another by when we view sunlight, and early day (low solar angle) sun in particular. Morning sunlight sets a biological timer for us to get sleepy somewhere between 14 and 16 hours later.” So soak up those rays to help yourself ease into your new sleep routine as quickly as possible.

Take Your Vitamin Routine, To Go

We love to indulge in all the food and drink on holiday as much as anyone, but sometimes, all that joie de vivre can leave our digestion, skin and energy levels feeling out of sorts. To make sure you’re hitting your nutrient and vitamin requirements—no matter what’s on your plate—pack your Perelel Women’s Daily Vitamin Trio ($40) and Synbiotic Greens Vitamin Powder ($45). If you’re prone to bloating we also suggest tossing everyone's beloved Bloat Relief ($30) into your bag.

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Add Intentional Movement

Whether you’re walking the streets of Rome, climbing the stairs of Dubrovnik, biking through the English countryside, or hitting the hotel gym at your resort of choice—making any sort of movement a priority is an important part of maintaining your wellness while on the road. Our best advice? Pack your comfiest walking shoes and let your exploration step count blow you away.  

Stay Hydrated

Delicious meals out, liquid libations, and a new sleep routine can be part of the gig on the go—so reach for your water glass to keep all systems in balance. Dehydration can lead to headaches, constipation, dry skin, and more. And you don’t have time for that, duh. We like to pack a reusable bottle to throw in our bag for the day, and front load our water intake in the morning when it’s top of mind.  

Get Your Zzz's

From the jet lag to those extra aperitivos, travel can do a number on your sleep hygiene. Even without the circadian rhythm disruption of jet lag, your travel schedule can contribute to restless nights and sleep deprived mornings. That's definitely not fun. After you land, do your best to sync up with the locals and be out during the day and tucked in at night. The first couple days after arriving are the best time to pack your day full of all the sight seeing you can handle. If you need a little assistance dozing when it's bedtime (especially when it's the middle of the day in whatever time zone you may have flown from), don't be afraid to help your body unwind with a little Sleep Support

Practice Small Rituals

When you’re traveling for more than a few days, you might find yourself missing a lack of routine. We find a nice way to feel more balanced in any environment is to set an intentional morning routine that you do *every* morning. This might look like stretching and meditating in your hotel room, sitting down for an espresso at the same local café each morning, or taking it slow with tea and a book on the patio. While these simple rituals might seem expendable while you’re on the go, the consistency goes a long way to calm the nervous system and keep you feeling like yourself.

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