How to Give Yourself a Lymphatic Massage at Home

How to Give Yourself a Lymphatic Massage at Home

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Call it your natural detoxification system. The lymphatic system is an unlock when it comes to feeling good, inside and out. As part of the immune system, the lymphatic system keeps the fluid levels in our body balanced and protects us against viruses and infections. How? Well, the lymphatic system consists of glands, organs, tissues, and vessels that work together to drain the fluid from the body through excretion. And when you massage your lymphatic system is may help with everything from hormone balancing to combating inflammation. 

So, to give us some tips on how to give your lymphatic system some T.L.C. today, we called in Sabrina Sweet, the Lymphatic Drainage Massage Specialist behind Miss. Lymph. Read on below.

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Why do we need to massage our lymphatic system?  

"Everyone can use a lymphatic drainage massage as it helps boost our immune system, maintain proper blood circulation, prevents blockages and inflammation in our bodies and so much more."

Is lymphatic massage right for anyone?

"Yes! I have clients of all ages, shapes, sizes and all with different goals. I have clients who just want to live a healthier life, pregnant clients, post-surgical clients, cancer patients, people who are trying to regulate their hormones, some for weight loss—the list goes on."

Can lymphatic massage help balance hormones?

"Yes, 100 percent. Our hormones and our lymphatic system play a big role in supporting one another. If we have a backed up and clogged lymphatic system, it can cause our hormones to malfunction and build up with estrogen. Our bodies need progesterone as it balances our estrogen levels and our lymphatic system allows progesterone to flow freely in a woman's body."

What are some at-home techniques to give yourself a lymphatic massage?

"I give myself a stomach lymphatic massage often as it helps with bloating and digestive issues. You can do this by massaging your stomach in a clockwise circle around your belly button. You can also do massage strokes going up your legs and around your knees, where a lot of people tend to carry water weight or lactic acid. Some of my favorite ways to move lymph at home include dry brushing, standing on a vibration plate, putting your legs up a wall, breathwork, staying hydrated and eating a clean diet."

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