Mom-to-Be Trinity Mouzon Wofford Is Making Wellness Accessible For All

Mom-to-Be Trinity Mouzon Wofford Is Making Wellness Accessible For All

This feature is part of our campaign, Bloom Into You, where we celebrate women who have established strong roots within themselves, planted a seed, and grew into their own. Throughout the month, we'll be featuring women we admire who have bloomed through adversity, triumph, loss, motherhood, and connecting to nature. Ready to bloom with us?

Trinity Mouzon Wofford is turning the wellness industry on its head. The NYC-based entrepreneur launched her company Golde, a superfood self-care brand, with her partner and a single product: their turmeric latte. Her mission? To make wellness accessible to all and to redefine what self-care looks like, a mission inspired by watching her mother navigate the healthcare system with an autoimmune disease. Fast-forward to now and Wofford is the youngest Black woman to ever have her products stocked in Sephora stores and is a leading figure of change in an industry with a history of exclusivity.

Today, we catch up with Wofford at another life milestone: currently pregnant as a soon-to-be new mom. We chat about her motherhood journey, how she's continually blooming into her own, and more—read on below.

Perelel: Our series Bloom Into You is intended to celebrate stories of women who have found themselves, or "bloomed" if you will. It certainly seems fitting for you considering Golde has seriously disrupted the wellness industry and you are now blooming in your personal life too with a baby on the way. How are you feeling in this current chapter of life?

Trinity Mouzon Wofford: I’ve really enjoyed the process so far. There is truly a lot going on at the moment: getting settled into our new home, a growing business, a baby on the way, *and* we’re planning a wedding celebration for September.

Truthfully, my partner and I have always leaned into those “extreme” moments, so it’s been altogether pretty exciting! There are definitely moments of, there’s no way I can do all of this at once. But it just reminds me to slow down and be intentional about what I really need to prioritize.

P: On that note, congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling? How has pregnancy been for you thus far?

TMW: Pregnancy has been amazing! I know there are so many horror stories, but I’ve seriously loved the whole process. That’s not to say there haven’t been gnarly moments along the way (hello, first-trimester exhaustion and nausea), but there’s also something deeply grounding about the experience. I’m usually so in my head about work stuff, and the baby coming feels like this wonderful opportunity to just lean into my intuition and how I’m feeling. It sort of puts all of the work stress into perspective. I think I’ve been a bit better about enjoying each moment. Pregnancy flies by, and you start to really understand how if you don’t stop and appreciate each stage, it’s already over before you know it!

P: What has been the highlight of your motherhood journey so far? Any challenges?

TMW: Feeling those first little kicks is like pure magic! Now the baby is moving non-stop, and I feel like we’re already in a groove together. Every morning they’re moving a lot and I call that the “morning stretches”—that connectedness is so special and really hard to describe. In the first couple of months, I couldn’t stomach anything besides plain oatmeal. I’m a big food person, so this was kind of devastating. I couldn’t even go into a grocery store without getting nauseous. I would get in bed in between leading Zoom calls for Golde. It’s a challenging time because no one knows you’re pregnant yet, but your body is working so hard. All of that sort of faded away as soon as I hit the second-trimester mark, though.

P: We love the backstory of Golde. What planted the seed to start it?

TMW: I grew up with a single mom who struggled with an autoimmune disease. She switched over to seeing a more holistically-minded physician when I was a teenager, and saw an incredible improvement in her symptoms. This was my first real exposure to the power of “wellness,” and I decided to go pre-med in college, intending to specialize in holistic medicine.

I then found out that my mom had to stop seeing that doctor because she couldn’t afford it anymore. This forced me to pause and think deeply about my interest in wellness and how accessibility comes into play. This experience was definitely top of mind as I began working on Golde down the road.

P: Why is accessibility so important when it comes to health and wellness

TMW: It sounds so simple, but it’s really what I believe: everyone deserves to feel good. Everyone should have access to the tools and resources that will help them feel like their best self, whatever that looks like.

P: One thing Perelel and Golde have in common is that we both believe self-care shouldn’t be a luxury—it’s a necessity. Why is self-care so important?

TMW: We need to take care of our minds and bodies because no one is going to do it for us. What self-care looks like can vary wildly from person to person, but it’s crucial to implement practices that bring us joy and help us feel good, no matter how small. I find this to be especially true in today’s culture where we’re always on and inundated with information.

We need to take care of our minds and bodies because no one is going to do it for us.


P: How do you practice self-care? What’s your wellness routine like?

TMW: For me, self-care is all about working in those rituals throughout the day that help me feel better. Day-to-day, I wake up and immediately rehydrate with water from my Berkey water filter. My favorite breakfast is a big smoothie to get lots of nutrients in. Then, it’s time for a short walk or at-home workout before tackling my inbox.

To break up the workday and keep me sane, I always make sure to take an actual lunch break and follow it up with an iced matcha latte (hi!) to power me through the rest of the afternoon. In the evening, my partner, Issey, and I cook dinner together and go to bed on the earlier side—getting lots of sleep is one of my biggest wellness tips.

P: What’s something that keeps you grounded?

TMW: Getting out in nature, hands down. Even if it’s just a quick walk around the block or taking a 10-minute break to do a chore or two in the garden, getting off of screens and into a more natural environment is one of my favorite forms of self-care and helps all the stress melt away.

Getting off of screens and into a more natural environment is one of my favorite forms of self-care and helps all the stress melt away.

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