4 Pressure Points to Support Your Reproductive Health

4 Pressure Points to Support Your Reproductive Health

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If you've been curious to give acupuncture a go, we're happy to report that you can still get some of its blissful benefits right this moment from the comfort of your own home. Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that's done by applying direct pressure to specific points in the body. With it, you can get similar benefits as you would with acupuncture for anything from pain, anxiety and immune support,  to headaches, menstrual cramps and even nausea. Plus, it can be an easy tool when looking to support your fertility and reproductive health. 

To break it down, we consulted with Perelel Panel expert, Samantha Manka-Segal, LaC, Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Founder of AQU Wellness. She shares everything you need to know about acupressure and four pressure points you can try to support your health today. Read on below.

What Is Acupressure

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure "is done by applying direct pressure to specific points along the body’s meridians and auricular points with either fingers or an object. Similar to acupuncture, releasing specific points encourages a healthy flow of what we call ‘Qi’—or energy—throughout the body. This facilitates the body's natural self-healing responses."

The Benefits of Acupressure

"The benefits of acupressure are comparative to those of acupuncture. According to TCM, the basis of all disease stems from blockages of Qi in the body. The meridian system correlates to specific organs and other body functions. Stimulating points along the meridians promotes healthy new blood flow, releases endorphins, and creates a free flow of Qi in the body."
"Acupressure can be used to treat a vast amount of ailments. Disorders such as pain, anxiety, immune support, headaches, menstrual cramps, nausea and more can be helped by using acupressure."

Acupressure for Fertility

"While I advocate getting regular acupuncture sessions when one is looking to achieve fertility and reproductive goals, acupressure is an easy and effective way to help reproductive health at home. For those who have a fear of needles, acupressure is also an excellent alternative to acupuncture treatments."

4 Acupressure Points You Can Try at Home

"Depending on what is going on specifically with your body, certain points can be used to help promote healing and harmonize those imbalances."

Here are a few points that can benefit the reproductive system that can be activated at home by applying pressure for one to two minutes.

1. If Ease Digestion + Support Hormonal Balance

"This is one of my favorite points for regulating the menstrual cycle while also harmonizing the uterus and ovaries. It crosses three yin channels, the spleen, liver and kidney so it is helpful in easing digestive, gynecological and emotional disorders."

The Point: Spleen 6
Location: The inner leg about four fingers above the medial malleolus (the small prominent bone on the inner side of the ankle at the end of the tibia).
Note: This point should not be used if you are actively trying to conceive or might be pregnant.

2. If You Want to Support Your Fertility 

"The Ren channel is also known as the meridian of conception. It’s crucial for reproductive health in both males and females. The point Ren 3 can help regulate a woman’s cycle while helping to build and strengthen the bodies Qi and Yang and can benefit the uterus."

The Point: Ren 3
Location: Found on the lower abdomen midline, about a hands-widths length below the belly button.
Note: This point should not be stimulated with strong pressure if you might be pregnant.

3. If You Want to De-Stress and Ease PMS 

"This point is a go-to for PMS, moodiness, stress and headaches. It has a nourishing effect on the state of the liver blood, which in turn aids health of the uterus and ovaries."

The Point: Liver 3
Location: Found on the top of the foot in between the first and second toe.

4. If You Want to Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle

"This point crosses paths with the Chong Mai and directly influences the state of the uterus. Sometimes referred to as "the door of infants," this point is great at regulating any disharmonies relating to the menstrual cycle, as well as issues surrounding infertility."

The Point: Kidney 13
Location: About four fingers width below the belly button, and half your thumb's width to the lateral side of the midline.

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