"I Am Trying to be More Gentle With Myself." How Reese Blutstein Is Navigating New Motherhood

"I Am Trying to be More Gentle With Myself." How Reese Blutstein Is Navigating New Motherhood

The phrase "there's a first time for everything" must have been coined by a new mom. Whether it's figuring out the best way to feed, navigating hormone shifts, or simply willing yourself to make it through one of those early sleepless nights, becoming a mom—a transformation referred to as matrescenceis a wild ride.

We spoke with Atlanta-based style creator and new mom Reese Blutstein (also known as @double3xposure), who recently gave birth to a baby boy. Here, she shares some of the surprises of this new chapter, and how she found support—not to mention styling that bump during pregnancy.

Perelel: Can you tell us about your experience as a first time mom? What are some things that surprised you as you moved from pregnancy to postpartum?

Reese: There are definitely a few things that surprised me, but I think the first is how hard breastfeeding is! I feel like people don’t talk about it enough, because while it seems like something that must be so simple, it really isn’t. Every baby is so different, so it really is a learning curve just like everything having to do with becoming a new mom. I was also surprised by how much you instantly feel like you need to protect this little being that you just met. It’s a crazy feeling, but so amazing. 

Perelel: What have you learned about yourself—your body, your needs, your mental health—through pregnancy and now early motherhood?

Reese: That I am able to stay calmer than I realized I was able to before getting pregnant or becoming a mom. I obviously still have my moments, but I feel like I’m able to go deeper inside myself to find my calm. Also, hormones are a really crazy thing and make you think in such a different and emotional way! Trying to navigate that day to day has been a struggle. Some days are great and some days not so much... But we take it moment by moment and that’s the best way to get through each day. 

Perelel: Your maternity style was magic! How did you approach dressing or expressing yourself during this time? Any surprises? Any challenges?

Reese: Thank you! I actually had a lot of fun dressing my belly. It definitely become harder towards the end and I ended up wearing the same pants everyday, but I really tried to make sure I got dressed no matter what. I think being pregnant can really get to your head and make you look at your body so differently, so having something that let me stay creative and do something that made me feel good each day really helped me enjoy pregnancy. The main challenge was just not fitting into most of my clothes—I didn’t buy any maternity clothes because I felt it was a waste of money. I still stand by that... for me, personally! 

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Perelel: How are you grappling with identity during this transformation? Any major shifts or lightbulb moments?

Reese: I feel like I never have a long enough moment to sit with my clothes and pick an outfit out so I’ve really just been wearing the same things everyday. I am questioning if I remember how to put an outfit together! But I am trying not to put pressure on myself, and to enjoy this moment with my baby and not push myself to get back into clothes that don’t fit me anymore. I guess the major shift would be that I am trying to be more gentle with myself and not nitpick every little thing about my new body. 

Perelel: What was the most helpful thing you learned, leaned on, or looked to during your pregnancy?

Reese: I think having people who know how you feel makes you feel less alone (and less crazy). I found so many people on TikTok who were at the same stage of pregnancy as me and it was a nice way to just laugh about all the wild changes going on with our bodies. I think pregnancy and postpartum can be extremely lonely, especially when most of your friends haven’t been pregnant... so finding people who know how you feel really helps you get through it with humor. 

Whether you’re a new mom or not, motherhood is a journey. Find support with other moms in your stage by joining our community, Village by Perelel on Geneva, or read more about adapting to the new identity of “mother.”